The first visit

All the appropriate investigations are conducted during your first visit.

In preparation for this evaluation, it is important to refrain from wearing contact lenses prior to the visit, as these may influence the accuracy of the tests done during the evaluation. Should you be wearing soft lenses, you are requested to remove them one week prior to the visit, while patients wearing hard lenses should remove them one month before the evaluation. Female patients who are pregnant or lactating are also not suitable for evaluation within 3 months of giving birth or stopping to breastfeed.

You will start off by having the opportunity to view an informative video on refractive surgery, followed by a personal interview by a qualified optometrist on the different options available.

The first step in the evaluation entails a computerized assessment of your refractive error, after which a scan of the front segment of the eye will be performed. Only the very latest technology is applied for this to enhance the planning of your surgery for an optimal outcome. Should it be deemed necessary, a wavefront analysis for the customized design of a refractive laser treatment may also be done to optimize the outcome.

Following this, a subjective refraction will be performed by a qualified optometrist, to determine your refractive error. A measurement of the pupil size under low light conditions will also be performed, to aid in the planning of your surgery. The next step is to administer special drops, which will cause temporary paralysis of your accommodation, in order to do a second computerized assessment of your refractive error. Due to the potency of these drops, their effect may last a number of hours (up to 48 hours in some individuals), after which your accommodation will return to normal.

Dr. van Wyk will, after assessment of these special investigations, conduct a full ophthalmologic examination, and be available to discuss any issues at hand. He will also make a recommendation on the type of procedure, that will address your problem in the most efficient way, in order to provide the optimum visual acuity, as well as quality of vision post-operatively.

All information gathered from the first consultation, is entered into custom computer software, which was designed specifically for this purpose. Within this software, it is possible to calculate whether you are a fit candidate for surgery, and also to predict an anticipated outcome.

This evaluation may last 2 – 3 hours, and as your vision might be blurred due to the special drops you received, you will require someone to drive you home.